I joined my first band in 7th grade hoping to just play guitar. The band, consisting of all upperclassmen, didn’t have a singer yet, though, and I was the only one that could carry a tune, so the drummer – a 3rd degree black belt in martial arts –  hog tied me with a guitar cable until I agreed to fill the role. My fate was sealed after about a 3-minute struggle. 

Our name changed with the days of the week. We played 5 shows: 3 dances in the basement of a church, 1 town festival, and 1 Catholic School carnival. Audio tape from the dances exist, but I am saving them for blackmail.

Set list included such crowd pleasers as: Summer of 69 (yea, it JUST came out), Livin on a prayer (those notes were easy back then), Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying(Megadeath), Wasted Years (Iron Maiden), Crazy Train(Ozzy), and other classic hits among metal heads everywhere. 


EXIT 4 – “homework” in my college Ensemble class meant meeting the professor out at an open mic night. we played every Wednesday for a couple months as the house band at the now-defunct, South Jersey landmark – Weez’s Café! It’s not there anymore, don’t even try it. I see you going for your search button…

Set list included: Midnight Special (CCR), Bertha (Greatful Dead), Hold On Loosely (38 Special), God pt.2 (U2), Spirit Of Radio (Rush), and All the Lynyrd Skynyrd your ears could handle! YEEEEEEE   HAAAAAAWWWW!!!!


ALMIGHTY SHUHORN – (bass) – A job in radio leads to a connection with a local original band looking for a bass player. One of the defining moments of my life. We sucked, but the experience was priceless! I toured up and down the East coast in a van. 

Fall 1993 – Taking what I’d learned from the last experience, I decided to apply it to my own original material. I put together a 3 piece band of some friends who thought they were far beyond their actual talent, and things didn’t go so well, obviously, or I would be sitting in my leather couch, sipping tea, which my man-servant fetched for me, reciting all this to someone else while THEY did the typing, for my upcoming “Behind The Music” special on VH1.


BAD RONALD – I answered an add in the paper seeking a rhythm guitarist to play covers… and, yes… we were bad… as in “not good”… We did have some shining moments. We played some really cool material. Nicest bunch of guys I’ve come across, to date. Set list included: Firewoman (The Cult), New Age Girl (Dead Eye Dick), One Way, Or Another (Blondie – yea, I was Blondie!), and a bunch of unheard of music called “grunge”.


DIGGIN’ UP THE SKIPPER – my first attempt at fronting a cover band. Good band, great guys, bad name… NEXT!


NUVO –  a management company hoped it would take off. It didn’t, so I did…  and took the drummer and guitar player with me and formed SPEED.


1996 to 2004 – SPEED – We had a wild ride in the Philly cover scene and playing up and down the northeast corridor. We did reunion shows in 2011 & 2013, and are plotting the next reminder that we are all only getting older!

When SPEED disbanded, I went solo, and by answering an email from an old friend, wound up landing an audition, and eventually a job, at Irish Kevin’s on Duval Street in 2006.

Ever since, I have been fortunate enough to play music in Key West from September to May, and head back and play some of the old clubs I used to play, like The Ocean Drive in Sea Isle City, NJ, The Princeton in Avalon, NJ, and Fred’s Tavern in Stone Harbor NJ, in the summer months.


November 2015 saw the launch of my debut album, Another Key West Night.

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