First 30 iPod shuffle – GREAT IDEA!

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OK, so, I refuse to get involved in all the poles & tagging & shit that goes on on Myspace & Facebook (even though I am on both), but I saw this on Facebook & thought it was cool, so I did it for my website: Hit shuffle on your iPod, list the first 30 songs that come up and explain why you have each one or what they make you think of. Don’t fancy it up. We all know that your iPod, like your car, to an extent, explains you as a person, but you have NO control over shuffle, so just DO IT! Here’s mine…

1) Conflict – Disturbed (The Sickness) – I never really listened to this one. I always used Voices, Stupified, Down With The Sickness, & Shout 2000 on workout CD’s though. Blood pumpin’ music!

2) Maybe This Christmas – Ron Sexsmith (Maybe This Christmas) – Ok song. Downloaded the album for Jack Johnson’s “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” & Phantom Planet’s “Winter Wonderland”. I have a TON of Christmas music on my iPod.

3) I’m a Lesbian (Melissa Ethridge, “I’m The Only One” parody) – Melissa Ferrick – I was just fucking around on Napster one day & rolled across this & thought it was funny, so I kept it around. I remember the day I downloaded it (approx 10 or 11 years ago), I just got a new computer, Downloaded Napster & locked myself in my room for a few days downloading songs to learn.

4) Don’t Tread On Me – Metallica (Black Album) – KICK ASS ALBUM! Reminds me of long drives to Michigan. This whole album kept me awake.

5) Rock Bottom – Eminem (The Slim Shady LP) – another great road trip album. I’ll never forget buying this album as soon as it came out & listening to it on the way to Killington, VT with Binkybabe, & us just being like “holy shit!” as every track impressed the shit out of both of us.

6) Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Lattitudes – Jimmy Buffett (Greatest Hits) – “Ran into a chum with a bottle of rum, and we wound up drinkin all night”. Simple but great line. I have a new love for this song & all things Jimmy Buffett since I work in Key West.

7) Eat-Bite (Dixie Chicks) – John Valby (Operation: Fuck Iraq) – LOL. Do yourself a favor and buy everything John Valby! This particular version was recorded when Natalie from The Dixie Chicks spoke out against the war in Iraq & got a bunch of shit for it, but the song, in general, reminds me of being in Ocean City, NJ, circa 1990, in the friggin’ dead of winter, partying with a bunch of people from Kutztown University & a funny-ass guy they called “Whitey” was singing this and other Valby hits. Needless to say, I was hooked, and i’ve actually had the pleasure of opening for him at Shady Katie’s, in Somerdale, NJ. SPEAKING OF WHICH – I’ll be opening for John Valby AGAIN, April 4th, also at Shady Katie’s. Join me from 7-10! (yes, i had to get in the shameless plug)

8) Faht – Phish (Picture of Nectar) – not big on this song, but the rest of the album is awesome. I went through a Phish Phaze in my late teens. These CD’s would get dusted off & reused when I started taking frequent trips to Killington, VT. They had me with the first 5 albums, then they lost me.

9) Getaway – Earth, Wind, & Fire – I honestly have no idea why I have this, but it makes me wish I still had an afro.

10) Jump In The Line – Trinidad Steel Drum Band – Honestly, what’s more relaxing than steel drums? Got this in the beginning of my Island phase. Jeff at Shady Katie’s hired me to do Friday Happy Hours, which were originally supposed to be on the, then, just-built tropical style patio, so i downloaded & learned everything I could possibly get my hands on to fit the mood, which started my obsession with island music & my quest to get to Key West.

11) Kiss the Girl – Samuel E Wright (The Little Mermaid) – Ok, I can explain… I don’t do things half-assed, so when I was challenged to learn “A Disney Song”, I LEARNED THEM ALL! This and many others are regularly incorporated into my shows, and probably get the best response.

12) Air Supply – Lost In Love – Shut up! Right, like you don’t love this song, too….

13) Say Goodbye – Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds (Live at Luther College) – I’m not a huge Dave Matthews fan, but this double CD is incredible. This version of this song is my favorite. Reminds me of my Jeep.

14) Not Getting Older (Just Getting Bitter) – Scott Kirby (A Night On The Beach) – I just got a copy of this from Scott Kirby, himself! (Yes, I’m a groupie, now) Heard Scott Kirby first on Radio Margaritaville and just met him in Key West. Went to see him at The Hog’s Breath Saloon & got his CD’s there. Super nice guy & great songwriter.

15) Chanukah Song Pt 2. – Adam Sandler (Stan & Judy’s Kid) – Nothing beats the original. I don’t know why I let this take up space on my iPod.

16) Vasoline – STP (Purple) – great band, great song, great album… will you guys please get your heads out of your asses, let Scott Weiland do some smack… (everyone knows he’s more creative that way) & make some more great music! Reminds me of this really cool band i used to be in, & playing it at Reed’s Blue Bell, especially.

17) Walking on Sunshine – Real Big Fish – not sure this is actually Real Big Fish, but thats what it was listed as on the download. Reminds me of Lucy & the Tuesday All-Star Jam at Reed’s.

18) I Was A Kamikaze Pilot – Hoodo Gurus (Stoneage Romeos) – love this song! This album was a major part of my musical influence.

19) Do You Hear What I Hear – Vince Gill (Now, That’s What I Call Christmas 2) – you can never have enough Christmas music, even if it is Vince Gill.

20) Heaven In Your Eyes – Loverboy (Big Ones) – I have this because LOVERBOY FUCKING RULES! No, seriously, i was just looking for more bad 80’s songs to cover & this is on the greatest hits.

21) Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) – Boyce Avenue (Acoustic Sessions, Vol 2) – I’m on the fence about these guys, but i was introduced to them by the one and only Joey Jamz, Co-noize maker for the OD Friday Happy Hour Shit-Show! This is where I have to mention Carl (other Co-noize maker), too, or he’ll get mad or jealous or something. Hi, Carl.

22) The Birthday Song – Countdown Kids (150 Fun Songs For Kids) – whatever. I have a kid, now, gimme a break.

23) Reminiscing – Little River Band – really like this song. Yes, I know it’s Little River Band, i still like it. Madison Avenue does a great cover of this.

24) Inspector Gadget – Tee Vee Toons (TV’s Greatest Hits, Vol 3) – I must tell you that a lot of the songs on my iPod are on there because they were downloaded for the possibility I might want to learn them for my shows. This album was no exception. The song doesn’t translate well to acoustic guitar, but it’s great to hear once in a while!

25) The Whole 9 Yards – Eric Stone (Angels in Tropical Shirts) – If you’re into Island “Trop Rock” (Buffet-esque material that they play on Radio Margaritaville), this is an album to get! Eric Stone is a very good artist/songwriter, too.

26) Slice Of The Island Life – Jim Morris & Sunny Jim White (Gulf Coast Highway Tour) – Ah, the best of both worlds! 2 more “Trop Rock” artists, frequently featured on Radio Margaritaville, & headliners of M.O.T.M. (Meeting Of The Minds) in Key West, that got together 1 year to tour along the Gulf Coast, and this is one of Jim Morris’s songs with Sunny Jim White singing backup. A MUST for Parrottheads…

27) Welcome to the Terrordome – Public Enemy (20th Century Masters) – P.E. In Da House! …nuff said.

28) Sexbomb – Tom Jones – Even though recorded in 1999, sounds like some of his earlier stuff. Everything Tom Jones is BRILLIANT! I saw Tom Jones in Atlantic City (Thank you, Christine Steelman!), summer 2001, before the world fell to shit, and I can honestly say that at that point, all was right with the world! 4th row. Old ladies with arthritis, behind me, trying to throw their panties on stage, but couldn’t reach, so my friend Rollo (of O.D. fame) & I wound up wearing Granny-Panties as hats. Oh yea, and I somehow wound up winning $700 by just giving Rollo my money and walking away! Yea, Tom Jones RULES! His new album is f’n great, too! Download it now!

29) Living Next Door To Alice – Dr. Hook – When I first got the call to go to Key West to work at Irish Kevin’s I was researching every song I could think of that would be right for the situation, including all Irish songs (obviously). This is one of the more popular songs we play there. Rumor has it, it’s not even an Irish song! Apparently, it’s European drinking song that just sounds Irish. Either way, it reminds me of my first Tour Of Dootie in Key West, taking up space in Mike Henry’s guest room on Duck Ave, coincidently around the corner from where I would eventually take up residence on Eagle Ave… and THAT, my friends, is ANOTHER story!

30) Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – Police (The Very Best Of Sting & The Police) – I respect the shit out of anything Sting does. How can you not? I don’t really listen to this song that often, but when I hear it, I get flashbacks of driving a van for a trucking company at 19 yrs old. This always came on the radio.

31) NOOKIE – LIMP BIZKIT – Ok, I know there’s only supposed to be 30, but the reason I did this in the 1st place is cuz I got tagged on Facebook by my good friend John Zunic, from Pittsburgh, PA. He did this on his page & said a lot of cool shit about me, so I’m returning the favor. To be honest, I didn’t even bother to look what #31 would’ve been, but I’m making it this one, dammit! When my really cool band, from long ago, first played in Ocean City, MD, there was a guy in the audience that was a spitting fucking image of Fred Durst, so I introduced myself, brought him on stage to act out the part, and we’ve been great friends ever since (are you crying, yet, asshole??? LOL). One of the few people I would take a bullet for.

Well, I hope you had fun with this. I would certainly like you to do the same thing & email it to me so I can get to know you better!